Work With Me

A workshop day that unleashes your femininity and sensuousness! Get to know your pelvis, awaken it's true power and find out how to make everyday life more effortless. Learn to live your embodied feminine experience more awake and weightless, and reawaken your feminine energy.
— Featuring Alexa Nether from Australia!

13:30-15:30 Your female pelvis - all you need to know with Coco
15:30-16:00 Teatime & Snack (all inclusive in the day-pack)
16:00-18:00 Awake & Weightless with Alexa

Find a deeper connection to yourself. We free your body and your mind from old blockages. You learn how to access your inner wisdom and power and how to unleash your true potential.

This program energizes you from head to toe and inspires you to move from the inside out. It is founded on my unique way of integrating the pelvic floor and to wake up the feminine sensuousness. Sensuous Dance Workout DVD

Essence of Bellydance is a contemporary Bellydance training. It's a workout for body, mind and soul where you discover your feminine power, reconnect to your pelvic floor and dance from the inside out. It shapes your body, improves your flexibility - and it's fun!

Invigorate your hips with my Pelvic Floor Integration™ technique and discover a new feeling of groundedness, aliveness, joy and sensuality in your body. You will also see immediate results on your posture and overall flexibility.

If you often find yourself feeling exhausted, unfocussed or anxious, you probably don't breathe fully. In this intensive workshop I show you how you can free your breath. You learn to relax and to energize yourself with your breath so you can step into your true radiance.

Workshops are available internationally. Intensive training for dancers, bachelorette-parties, or motivational fun for your personnel. Coco and her team teach groups of all sizes and levels. Just tell us your plans and we send you our workshop offer.