Essence of Bellydance - Teacher Training

Essence of Bellydance is a contemporary Bellydance training. It's a workout for body, mind and soul where you discover your feminine power, reconnect to your pelvic floor and dance from the inside out. It shapes your body, improves your flexibility - and it's fun!

You love dance and want to inspire other women?

I studied Bellydance in Europe and in Cairo, the cradle of the highly artistic and fascinating Egyptian Bellydance. I went there every year to observe and take lessons with the best Bellydancers, eager to find the secret that made those dancers so radiant. What I found there and in my studies of contemporary dance and bodywork here in Europe is what I teach now: the Essence of Bellydance. In the Essence of Bellydance we reconnect to our body on a deeper level and dance from the inside out. We awaken our pelvic floor and connect it seamlessly with the rest of the body. It’s a very personal way of moving that frees our body, mind and soul.

My international workshops, programs and my YouTube channel have moved over 1,7 million of women.

In 2013 and 2014 we certified the first Essence of Bellydance teachers, our class of 2015 has just started with participants from Europe, Australia, the USA and South America.

And 2016 is your chance!

We are looking forward to meet you!