About Coco

Hi, I'm Coco!

I love to explore sensuality and have traveled the world to entertain audiences for clients like Hilton, L'Oréal and BMW with my Bellydance Shows as well as the general public on Indian and German national TV.

But my greatest passion is to share my wisdom with other women and see how they reveal their real beautiful selves.

I have developed a method that enables women to connect to their feminine essence, their body, mind and soul on a deeper level. I teach this method in my coaching as well as in Essence of Bellydance and Sensuous Dance. I am grateful to have moved over 2,7 millions of women worldwide with my workshops and my YouTube-Channel.

All my life I was amazed by sheer existence and the mysteries of body, mind and soul - on my very personal, as well as on the global scale. In my search for answers to the philosophical questions and the problems of our world I discovered many amazing concepts and ideas in different cultures. Besides traveling and reading the philosophical texts, I have learned and practiced various ways of physical, psychological and spiritual techniques and practices.

After so many experimental years I came to the insight that the truth resides deep inside ourselves - and it can be discovered through sensuousness.

The sensuous way of life is intense and fun! You open your senses, feel all emotions and enjoy every moment. You free yourself from blockades and feel fully alive.

I will share with you my knowledge and techniques that will enable you to reconnect to your sensuous self.

The sensuous way of life will not only free you to cherish every bite of your precious life more fully – it will unleash your true inner source of wisdom, creativity and energy. Be ready to experience some serious personal shifts.

I can't wait for us to get started! But before we do, you need to know this:
There is no one simple trick to a fulfilled, sensuous and happy life.

The sensuous way is a lifestyle.The magic happens as you practice consistently. If you stop sensing... well, it's like sport or shaving ;)

The good news: it's fun, delicious and highly addictive... And I know you will love it!!

The only thing that could hold you back are the old habits of a stressful life. But don't worry, If you subscribe to my newsletter, I will send you fresh inspiration and actionable techniques that you can implement easily into your busy life right into your mailbox!

I'm happy to have you here! You can ask me anything here in the comments and share your thoughts and experiences. Personally you can meet me in my coaching, workshops and events.

Have fun!