Get Sensuous - The Easy Way

Do you think massage is a luxury treatment? That it's a decadent indulgence you only gift to your best friends on special occasions?

Then imagine how you would feel, if you received weekly one or more massages?

Of course, you'd be more sensuous and more relaxed - but as proven by recent medical studies you would also be much healthier.

The massage is our oldest healing method. Every culture has developed a variety of techniques based on different theoretical principles. As I love to explore all things touching body, mind and soul, you can Imagine that I have tried many forms. My favorite treatment at them moment is Shiatsu.

I get a professional massage every two weeks and exchange sensual Tantra massages with my partner. It's such a wonderful personal art form we human beings can share with each other! I'm constantly amazed by how a touch really touches everything within me.

A good massage is like a reset for the senses :)

Don't put this of for later, get your sensuous treat now:

1. Schedule a professional massage and make it your personal ritual to look forward to. Monthly, every two weeks or weekly. Find a person and style that fits to you and your budget. Massage is a very personal art form, so take your time to find the person that feels right for you.

2. Exchange sensuous massages with your partner. Light candles and use a quality organic massage-oil with an intriguing scent. Giving a massage is as beautiful as receiving one! Open your senses and go with the flow - or learn your favorite style with professional help. Enjoy how that affects your relationship.

3. What's your favorite massage technique? Tell me below!

I wish you a sensuous time!


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photo credit: o5com via photopin cc