7 ways to really enjoy holidays

Thank you for participating in our beauty-sleep challenge! This exercise was really insightful for me, read the results and some awesome tips in the comment section.

As you read this I just landed in sunny Fuerteventura for a vacation. I might even be totally disconnected from the internet and mobile.

Thanks to my Ukrainian roots and the Gregorian calender I can postpone the traditional family gathering to January 6th and spend the end of the year with my man in the sun.

What are you planing for the holidays? Are you involved in Christmas celebrations at all?

If you are planing a celebration I have 7 tips for you, which will help you to avoid the typical pitfalls and to make the best out of your family gathering.:

1. Do plan and prepare everything with love, but do not stress yourself, as you want to be relaxed in the evening.

2. take some time to rest before the gathering, reconnect with your body and clear your mind: dance, do a quick breathing exercise or go for a walk.

3. Once your guests arrive, or you arrive at your hosts house: be present in the moment. Take your time to feel the energy between you all, really listen and appreciate the time you spend together.

4. What makes my family gatherings intense is that we got rid of the conventions and boundaries: we talk about everything that is touching us and our relationships amongst each other. We take the chance to talk about problems and clear our minds and hearts. This takes courage, as it's not always easy. And I know that it's not possible in every family. It also wasn't a smooth transition in mine. But we all feel it was worth it. Our bonds are stronger, our love and compassion grows as grows our personal freedom.

If you don't know how to start, here's my tip: try to be honest about yourself, share your feelings. If you notice a vicious circle in your family's transactions, just point it out carefully and see what happens. The key here is not to blame the others but to start with yourself. You are the only person you can change.

5. Have a closer look on your relatives. Where do you see similarities? What do you love - what annoys you? Family is a perfect place to learn about ourselves.

6. If you are celebrating over several days, you should move in-between all the eating! Go for a walk all together, play with the children or the dog!

7. Prepared like this I don't see a reason for overeating. I only see reasons for indulging and celebrating the beauty and sensuousness of food and our relations!

I wish you a wonderful time where ever you are - celebrating or not.

And please let me know your tips for your perfect family celebration!

With love,

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I really love those tips Coco, especially # 2, it helps me calm down, before the party starts.:)
I wish you a very Happy Holidays and lots of joy, love and happiness too, dear Coco.:)
Thank you for everything you shared with us.:)

Coco's picture

Thank you very much Jerome! And thanks so much for contributing!

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