Quick Posture Correction Exercise

Join me for a quick everyday Posture Correction Exercise! I believe it will change your mood in seconds.

Meditation Is Easy

Meditation is one of my favorite techniques to free my mind and open my senses. It's much easier than you think and an exciting journey to your inner self.

Under My Skin...

Let's have a closer look at your skin right now! Isn't it fascinating? Your skin not only a beautiful hull holding your body together, it's also your biggest and most multifunctional organ. The skin plays a major role in your metabolism, in your perception of the world and and of course in your nonverbal communication...

Get Sensuous - The Easy Way

Do you think massage is a luxury treatment? That it's a decadent indulgence you only gift to your best friends on special occasions? Then imagine how you would feel, if you received weekly one or more massages? Of course, you'd be more sensuous and more relaxed - but as proven by recent medical studies...

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