Your Female Wisdom with Rakel Sosa

My third guest is my dear Friend Rakel Sosa, creator of Blooming Together, Pranayama healer and inspiring mother whose adventurous life has led her to pursue various careers and to live on three continents.
With Rakel we speak about tuning into our female wisdom, motherhood (she's one of the best mothers I know) and so much more.

Find out What Makes You Feel Sensuous, Vibrant and Alive!

The last day of 2012 has come. Time for a retrospective on your sensuous life 2012 and your visions for your personal amazing 2013! I have created this beautiful exercise for you. Take some fresh sheets of paper or your diary, make yourself your favorite drink and sit down in your favorite place...

Most Fun Thing To Do In Life!

Last week I asked you on Facebook: "What's the most fun thing to do in life?" I was thrilled to read all your lovely answers and have made a graph from the data for you. And do you see what all these things have in common?

How To Wake Up Sensuous...

I will share with you my knowledge and techniques that will enable you to reconnect to your sensuous self. The sensuous perspective will not only free you to cherish every bite of your precious life more fully - it will unleash your true inner source of wisdom, creativity and energy. Be ready to experience some serious personal shifts...

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