Short & Effective: My Foot Massage

Christmas is almost here - I hope you enjoy this time. This year I'll spend Christmas and the three following weeks on Fuerteventura and will work on a new and exciting project for you.
But before I leave I have a sensuous tip for you. I show you my short and very effective foot massage that will make you feel amazing in your skin in just five minutes. Join me!

Dating - How to Make Him Love You

I get a lot questions about dating and relationships, so I made a video for you with my best advice on dating. It's 6 tips that will make dating a lot easier and really fun...

The One Mistake that Keeps Us Stressed Out

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by everyday stress or major problems? Your thoughts circulate like crazy around that one topic. There is no way out, you feel stress raising in your body, your breath is inhibited and you do not feel well or capable at all...

How to Stop Overeating

Holidays are the time when we indulge in amazing food - but oftentimes we overeat and feel bad afterwards. So today I'll share with you my 7 tips to really celebrate your meals, not only in the holiday season but everyday! You also learn...

One Easy Way to Relax Instantly

Does stress hold you back from enjoying your life fully? Would you like to learn one easy and effective technique that will help you to relax instantly? With this method you can even recharge on the go...

Meditation Is Easy

Meditation is one of my favorite techniques to free my mind and open my senses. It's much easier than you think and an exciting journey to your inner self.

The Ultimate Tip for Your Morning Routine

What do you do after you leave your bed? Do you have a routine? A set of habits that help you to start your day sensuous and energized? My whole life I have thought routines were boring. I wanted to be free, spontaneous and impulsive...

Bellydance Drills #4 - Hip Circles, Jewel

Get loose and elegant with my Bellydance HIP CIRCLE BASIC SIDEWALK DRILL, this is also a preparation for the famous move JEWEL.

Bellydance Drills #6 - Horiz Chest Circle

Bellydance Drills for HORIZONTAL CHEST CIRCLES will improve your dancing skills while working on your posture, core-strength, and spinal flexibility.

Bellydance Moves 14 - Horizon Hip Circle

The HORIZONTAL HIP CIRCLE or EGYPTIAN HIP CIRCLE is a famous classical egyptian Bellydance move, it's a combination of Hip Slide side (2) and forward (12). And it's also delicious massage for all your organs!


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