Quick Posture Correction Exercise

Join me for a quick everyday Posture Correction Exercise! I believe it will change your mood in seconds.

Powerful Neck Relaxation Exercise

Today I'm bringing you a powerful neck relaxation exercise. Stop what you're doing and do this quick exercise with me. It works magic on your posture & well-being!

Flexible and Fit in 4:30 Minutes

Because we tend to sit and eat more in the wintertime I prepared a short & sweet 4.30 minute dance workout for you.
You can do it anytime in between to replenish your energies and straighten up your posture.

Bellydance Posture

Introducing: POSTURE in belly dance, check if you have a good posture during your practice.
Through our exercises you will gain a new feeling for your body, build new muscles and relax tensions resulting in your perfect posture!

Warm Up - Part 1

This CARDIO WARM-UP for your Bellydance Workout is a great way to tune in with yourself.
It improves the effectiveness of your training and should be done before every training session.

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