Under My Skin...

I hope you missed me last week. New York turned out to be a hub for amazing people and incidents, so I drowned in joy and excitement... and had to postpone my post to now.

Let's have a closer look at your skin right now!

Isn't it fascinating? Your skin not only a beautiful hull holding your body together, it's also your biggest and most multifunctional organ. The skin plays a major role in your metabolism, in your perception of the world and of course in your nonverbal communication.

How do you perceive your skin? Where can you feel it right now? Can you become aware of all of your hull at once?

Sense with your skin, sense the air on your fingertips, sense the cloth on your legs and the floor under your feet....

And now touch yourself and sense the skin of the touching hand and the skin that is being touched equally.

Isn't it amazing to live in your skin?

I do these exercises in some of my workshops and am constantly amazed how it boosts the presence of my students.

Sensuous Dance Workout + pelvic floor DVD and download